History Of NewDawn Security

"Adversity leads us to think properly of our state, and so is most beneficial to us."
Zach Johnson, Professional Golfer

Sitting in a principal's chair, hearing from yet another student admitting to being touched inappropriately by an adult in their life, or being ridiculed on Facebook, or scared because so and so said they were going to bring a gun to school to harm them, will either numb you into a state of hopelessness, or motivate you to do something about it.

You have just been introduced to the history of how NewDawn Security got started.

What started out as a program to effectively measure security levels and embed proactive risk mitigation strategies at schools and colleges developed into a company providing the same type of services to all types of industries (banking, construction, gaming operations, large consumer commerce locations, military, law enforcement, etc...). Utilizing our services proved the following for our clients:

• The ability to prove increased and sustainable levels of safety and security
• Increased profit margins
• Enhanced client satisfaction and safety
• Loss of revenue decreased
• Increased amount of grants and financial awards