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Who We Are

• We are an operational security consultancy firm.
• We provide institutions and organizations the highest form of scientific based measuring systems to determine their current levels of security and safety operations.
• We provide preventative response methodology and actual practice onsite.
• We provide the New Level in Organization Safety and Security for all our customers around the world.

Who We Work For

• Over 435 schools and colleges across the United States, and Internationally.
• University’s, Community Colleges, Trade Schools, K-12 Private and Public Individual Schools.
• Private and Public School Associations, Education Service Centers, and Teachers Unions.
• Specialty and Training Centers as well as Day Care and Senior Citizens Facilities.
• Any organization, public or private that sees value in providing proof of safety/security levels.

What We Do

• Identify and mitigate all risk factors.
• Measurable increase in levels of safety and security.
• Reduction of insurance liability rates.


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Becoming ESSO Certified

The ESSO certification process is different than any other known certification process as it is individualized to fit the needs of the participant.

Once the initial visit analysis is complete, school administration and a NewDawn Security Certification Specialist develop a 12-month “blueprint” that details the necessary action to meet the measurable object of each Safe School Standard.

This “blueprint” reflects individual school culture and learning environment challenges so the end result is a plan that not only enhances school safety, but also enhances the overall learning environment.




"The world has changed from actions taken by a small group of people committed to an ideal. In our case, that ideal is safe schools, and our team is committed to changing the current world of school safety and security" Sean Spellecy - Founder NewDawn Security