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Who We Are

• We are a security risk mitigation firm.
• We provide institutions and organizations the highest form of scientific based measuring systems to determine their current levels of security and safety operations.
• We provide preventative response methodology and actual practice onsite.
• We provide training and follow up for every protocol/procedure we teach.
• We provide the New Level in Organization Safety and Security for all our customers around the world.

Who We Work For

• Over 435 schools and colleges across the United States, and Internationally.
• University’s, Community Colleges, Trade Schools, K-12 Private and Public Individual Schools.
• Private and Public School Associations, Education Service Centers, and Teachers Unions.
• Specialty and Training Centers as well as Day Care and Senior Citizens Facilities.
• Any organization, public or private that sees value in providing proof of safety/security levels.

What We Do

• Identify and mitigate all risk factors.
• Measurable increase in levels of safety and security.
• Reduction of insurance liability rates.


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