About NewDawn Security

About New Dawn Security

The world has changed from actions taken by a small group of people committed to an ideal. In our case, that ideal is safe schools, and our team is committed to changing the current world of school safety and security.

NewDawn Security was developed by a former school principal with input from both local and federal law enforcement, executive protection agents, school administrators, and school safety experts.

The main goal of NewDawn Security was to develop a program that could improve safety and security levels in all public and private schools. Secondary goals were to increase positive public support, decrease operation costs, and improve the overall learning environment.

This goal was accomplished in 2011, and NewDawn Security was born. The unique services provided by the specialists at NewDawn Security focus on long term partnerships with schools that not only enhance safety, but also enhance the value of the school.

Our company is led by Sean Spellecy, an experienced school administrator with an additional background in executive protection and specialized security services.

Our team of experts who have decades of experience with school-specific safety and security, law enforcement, crisis management, and risk mitigation, joined this effort when they saw the amazing potential it could have on education.

NewDawn Security is a public and private school security and safety-consulting corporation. NewDawn is independent and there are no products or business affiliations that influence our activities.

“Adversity leads us to think properly of our state, and so is most beneficial to us.”
Zach Johnson, Professional Golfer

Sitting in a principal’s chair, hearing from yet another student admitting to being touched inappropriately by an adult in their life, or being ridiculed on Facebook, or scared because so and so said they were going to bring a gun to school to harm them, will either numb you into a state of hopelessness, or motivate you to do something about it.

You have just been introduced to the history of how NewDawn Security got started.

What started out as a program to effectively measure security levels and embed proactive risk mitigation strategies at schools and colleges developed into a company providing the same type of services to all types of industries (banking, construction, gaming operations, large consumer commerce locations, military, law enforcement, etc…). Utilizing our services proved the following for our clients:

• The ability to prove increased and sustainable levels of safety and security
• Increased profit margins
• Enhanced client satisfaction and safety
• Loss of revenue decreased
• Increased amount of grants and financial awards