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School Security Increased at Colony High School

The principal at The Colony High School says precautionary security measures are in place  Monday after a threat was made against the school late Sunday night. In a message sent to parents, Principal Tim Baxter said police and school officials…

Social Media Threat Monitoring For Security Makes Headlines

Authorities are turning to social media accounts of immigrants to determine visa eligibility. An Egyptian flight school student had his visa revoked after writing a Facebook comment about killing Donald Trump.See Full Story Here: https://ww…

Threat Prompts Seattle Schools to Close Down For Security Reasons

Three Seattle-area schools will be closed on Friday due to threats, the Lake Washington School District offices announced. Juanita High School, Redmond High School and the Futures School, which is located at Juanita High School, will not…

NewDawn Security Launches Social Media Threat Monitoring Services

NewDawn Security is a Security Operations Consultancy firm that specializes in mitigating schools day to day risks.  We are now providing schools and school districts , colleges and universities with social media threat and dangerous behavior…

Security Increased at Stratford High school after receiving Threats

Patrols at Stratford schools will be increased on Monday as a precaution after police investigated a notice of a possible threat to three town school buildings. Lt. Frank Eannotti said that Stratford police were contacted at 9 p.m. Friday…

School Security Begins at Home With Parents

Parents need to have heart-to-heart talks with their children who are students about not making threats of violence at school and to immediately report suspicious activity. Students need to hear from their parents that threats of violence, which…

School Districts Concerned about Security in Wake of Threats

With anonymously sent threats gridlocking Los Angeles public schools last week, and other districts in New York, Houston and Miami also receiving threats of violence, Leon County officials met last week to discuss how the district should face…

Los Angeles School District Shut Down due to Electronic Threat

Classes were canceled Tuesday for the Los Angeles Unified School District after what the district's superintendent called a "rare" threat that comes amid new concerns about security nationwide.An "electronic threat" received early Tuesday prompted…

High School Student Arrested with Gun

A student with a gun and ammunition was arrested at Barrington High School on Monday, but officials said no shots were fired and no one was hurt. The unloaded firearm was found in a student's backpack along with ammunition, according to a joint…

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NewDawn Security is an operational and physical security consulting firm that provides a scientific approach to not only defining standards of safety, but also objectively measuring levels security and safety. NewDawn Security also provides multiple forms of training, and a unique and effective way to monitor social media for potential school/organizational harm.


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