Sean Spellecy is a retired school principal, husband and father.

Sean Spellecy is a retired school principal, husband and father. Sean graduated high school in Issaquah, Washington, accepted a college scholarship to play baseball in Arizona and was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles 1989. Numerous injuries forced him to give up his dream of playing professional baseball so he went to work for a concert security company working his way up in the ranks of executive protection.

At age 25, Sean went back to school to finish his degree at Arizona State University and received a Bachelor’s degree in Human Communications with a minor in Marketing. Taking time off to spend three months caring for a friend diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, Sean realized his passion of helping make a difference in someone’s life any way he could. He turned to teaching and worked with homeless secondary students accepting a faculty position at Thomas J. Pappas School for the Homeless in Phoenix, AZ.

He later served as principal there while graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Master’s Degree in Education Administration 3 years into his “prinicpalship” at Bixby Middle School in Bixby, OK, a rash of horrific crimes committed against his students changed his life. Seeing that parents and schools were unprepared for preventing these crimes it prompted his desire to provide a way of increasing the safety and security for schools and families alike.

Infusing all of his experience with young people, education, and security into the effort, Sean and law enforcement personnel first help create a way for families to provide emergency service providers needed information fast. This was the Child Safety Incorporated Card (or C.S.I Card) The C.S.I. card decreased Amber Alert processing time from 90 minutes to less than 5.

The group then added additional features to the card and needed support services for the families so now the “Family Protection Program” was made available. Sean then resigned from education, due to the multiple requests to make this program available to more people and operations were expanded to Hood River, Oregon.

It was in Oregon that the “drastically enhancing school security and safety” element of the program was completed and added to what the company can provide schools, a “Certified Safe Site”. Out of all of this research, time and effort a new company name, and a new way for schools to view safety and security was launched…NewDawn Security.

NewDawn Security is currently providing it’s Certified Safe Site Program to schools in 3 States, and the program’s key functions are enhancing what security/safety measures schools have in place, identifying and implementing what they may be missing, and ultimately, providing them what they so richly deserve…”A school that is safe, families that are safer, and a learning environment that is exemplary.

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Sean Spellecy is a retired school principal, husband and father. After three years as principal at a middle school in Oklahoma, a rash of horrific crimes committed against his students changed his life.


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