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Security For Churches

Article by Chris Hefner Serving as a pastor carries with it the responsibility of being a shepherd. Shepherds in the Old Testament not only cared for their sheep, but they protected them. I don’t believe that worship and security are…

Assessment of Security in Shopping Malls

One type of soft target that has received too little attention is the retail mall. With all the other soft targets that exist, why should citizens be concerned about attacks against shopping malls? One reason is that the nature of malls makes…

School Police Officer Shoots Teen with Knife on Campus

A school police officer shot a student who was threatening his classmates with a knife at a Nevada high school Wednesday. The 14-year-old student is in critical condition at a Reno hospital and the officer involved in the incident has been placed…

Learning Lessons from Ohio State Attack

Regardless of whether this was an attack at a college, school or workplace the following are lessons that can and should be learned: 1. Individuals in a lockdown state at Ohio State, in the building of the attack (and others) were calling…

5 Tips to Reducing “Election Day Fallout” Risk

As with most school safety and security issues there exists a timeline to where an event creates immediate medium to medium-high risk concerns, but after a 10-14 day timespan the risk level becomes medium to medium low. The incidents created…

Teen Arrested After Social Media Threats

The threats, some involving clowns, were part of a flurry of anonymous threats posted this weekend and Monday against a number of schools in Prince George’s County and across the wider D.C. area. that prompted police to deploy additional officers. Prince…

Clown Scare Crisis

Clown Scare “Crisis”: If you ever doubted the power of social media to perpetuate a culture of fear look no further than the Clown Scare “Crisis” taking place in our cities and schools. The only reason I list this type of incident…

Shopping Malls: Are They Prepared to Prevent and Respond to Attack?

Shopping Malls: Are They Prepared to Prevent and Respond to Attack? The shootings in an Omaha shopping mall in December 2007 brought home, once again, what security experts have known for decades: retail malls are "soft targets." Based on surveys…

Warehouse and Distribution Centers Security Consulting Services

NewDawn offers Security Consulting Services for Warehouse and Distribution Centers for the public and private sector. Please Contact Us for additional information on our services or call us at 1-888-342-1997. NewDawn is an operational security…

About NewDawn

NewDawn Security is a public and private school security and safety-consulting corporation. NewDawn is independent and there are no products or business affiliations that influence our activities.


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  • 24/7 Threat Reporting Line
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  • Sexual Misconduct Prevention Protocols
  • Extreme Violence Prevention Protocols