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Law enforcement CAN investigate who posts an anonymous threat and depending on how many servers are used can get you an answer in 4-5 hours (typically).

But of the 1200 posts per hour that on average MS and HS students post law enforcement will not be monitoring those posts for threatening language, criminal activity, mentally instability, and social unrest.

What we provide is the ability to immediately provide you the IP address of who is making threats of harm, criminal activity, mental instability, etc… and also monitor ANYTHING posted on the internet or Dark Web that identifies your school.

Last but not least we send you a weekly summary that allows you to know what exactly your students are posting publicly, how many times they are posting, and what they are posting to.

Law enforcement (unfortunately) does not have the man power to do all this and can only do it when an electronic threat is found. We know the second its posted and provide you screenshots and identify the individual to you or to law enforcement…whatever you choose.


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NewDawn Security is a public and private school security and safety-consulting corporation. NewDawn is independent and there are no products or business affiliations that influence our activities.


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