What can I do to make sure my school is as safe as possible?

The short answer is list the daily risks (anything that could negatively interrupt the learning environment) you face. Develop a plan to mitigate each risk. Measure regularly to make sure your plan is effective. We have been giving that information to schools, organizations, and businesses since 2007. What gets missed the most/makes schools not as […]

Changes in School Security for 2018

The complexity of ensuring our schools and education facilities are both safe and secure has grown tremendously. Brass key systems are increasingly supplemented with secure credentials as access management has become more critical. The continued development of mass notification systems and video surveillance has made them critical components of a holistic security solution. And now, […]

School Violence Among Students is out of Control

An employee at Gaithersburg High School says fights between students have gotten so out of control that even staff and teachers are at risk. The employee leaked 10 cell phone videos of student fights, including one that shows students fighting on top of a security guard who tried to break up a brawl. Six students […]

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