Sexual Misconduct Prevention Protocols

Predator Prevention Certification

Current prevention methods used by over 92% of current K-12 private and/or public schools/day care center: What the Predator Prevention Certification provides for each school:
• Low cost background checks
• Supervision policy • Webinar presentation with detailed explanation of research-based and proven strategies that can be immediately implemented. Presented by three prevention experts in school security, law enforcement, and mental health.
• Staff and administration preventive monitoring techniques
• Anonymous Concern Reporting System
• Parent education component that provides support and action plans
• Staff professional development on recognizing sexual predator characteristics
• IT monitoring components
• Sample policies to support proactive action
• Year long support even after all certification components are embedded

The Predator Prevention Certification program provides schools effective methods to decrease their risk of a sexual abuse incident, and then the expert level support to ensure the risk maintains low probability.
Over 92% of schools today use low cost background checks and increased supervision to mitigate the risk, but last year alone, schools dealt with over $340 million in negligence claims due to sexual abuse incidents. Today’s schools, both public and private, face an estimated 1 in 14 chance of having a sexual abuse incident take place on their campus.
Through the Predator Prevention Certification program, NewDawn Security not only provides you the 7 research-based and proven defensive methods to decrease the current risk, but we also assist the school in making sure the methods become, and stay, embedded at your site.
What this means is that for the first time ever, all schools and daycare centers can now prove that they have done, and will continue to do, everything possible to reduce the chance of being liable for a sexual abuse incident.

The Process of Becoming Certified
For a detailed description of the certification process, view our Process of Becoming Certified Handout.


By signing up now, you can lock in your school or center at the current rates for the Predator Prevention Certification program.
Initial Certification Year per School/Center: $520
Each Additional Certification Year: $175
For schools insured through the Great American Insurance Company, separate rates can be locked in now. Great American Insurance Company provides these schools with a private code that should be entered during the registration process.
Initial Certification Year per School/Center: $260
Each Additional Certification Year: $84

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become certified?
This depends on what you already have in place for prevention methods, but assuming you have nothing in place but background checks and supervisory policies, a good estimate is 90 days.
How much of my administrator’s time will this take?
This depends on what you already have in place for prevention methods, but a good estimate would be 30-60 minutes a month until certification is met.
What if we are dealing with a sexual predator incident right now?
There is no better demonstration of action available to you than the Predator Prevention Certification program to insure stakeholders and your insurance company that a similar event will have a very, very small chance of ever happening again.

Get Started with Predator Prevention Certification Now
It is no longer necessary to face the current risk rate of a sexual predator incident. The Predator Prevention Certification provides clear and measurable standards to lower your risk and prove your commitment to the community around you.
If you need more information about how Predator Prevention Certification can work for you or to schedule a consultation call, contact us at or give us a call at 1-888-287-6157.

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