Safe Site Program Benefits

Benefits: For the School(s)

The following are just some of the benefits schools will see, using our services:

1. Reduced discipline incident rates
2. Decrease in the statistical chance that school(s) face violent act
3. Addtional Safety/Security Professional development for staff without more meetings
4. Personal on-site monthly services (training, advising, monitoring, analyzing)
5. Social media monitoring
6. Weekly updates of relevant nationwide education news
7. Multiple press releases (local and national) featuring your school's positive action to increase safety and security
8. Risk of lawsuits dropped significantly
9. Possible Insurance rate reducation
10. Parent, Staff, Community Member satisfaction rate increased

Benefits: For the Student(s)
1. Increased positive learning enviornment
2. Safer learning enviornment
3. Positive reinforcements to excel
4. Increase in level of satisfaction