Benefits: For the School(s)

The following are just some of the benefits schools will see, using our services:

1. Reduced discipline incident rates
2. Decrease in the statistical chance that school(s) face violent act
3. Additional Safety/Security Professional development for staff without more meetings
4. Personal on-site monthly services (training, advising, monitoring, analyzing)
5. Social media monitoring
6. Weekly updates of relevant nationwide education news
7. Multiple press releases (local and national) featuring your school’s positive action to increase safety and security
8. Risk of lawsuits dropped significantly
9. Possible Insurance rate reduction
10. Parent, Staff, Community Member satisfaction rate increased

Benefits: For the Student(s)

1. Increased positive learning environment
2. Safer learning environment
3. Positive reinforcements to excel
4. Increase in level of satisfaction

Benefits: For Parents

A nationwide survey released in 2010 found that the number one concern amongst parents with school-attending children was the safety and security of their children.

Times have changed and the challenges our children face are different than what we faced in school. But what actions can we, as parents, take to ensure the safety of our children at school?

The answer is simple:

Ask your school and/or institutional leadership what their current levels of site safety and security are? If they are unable to provide you a quantifiable measured number or numbers then let them know the value of being able to, and have them contact us.
K-12, college, and university safety can no longer be improved if just the leadership/security team is a part of the solution.

All students, parents, and overall stakeholders have a roll to play, as well as we do….we make sure the specific quantifiable best practices for any institution not only are introduced and measured, but embedded within the culture so now proving “as safe as possible” is possible.

Support Services

The key in development of this program was the knowledge that school personnel did not possess the time, training, or resources to drastically increase their safety and security by themselves. What they needed was support, and what we include in our Certified Safe Site program is support in key areas:

1. 24/7 Access for Administrators with our support staff
2. Personal on-site services: training, advising, monitoring, analyzing
3. Emergency On Site Assistant: In the event of a crisis, a NewDawn Staff member will be on your site immediately to help fill any role you deem necessary
4. Incident Reporting and Management System
5. Emergency Communication System for all stakeholders
6. Anonymous concern reporting line

7. Private Video Channel for Professional Development purposes
8. Monitored GPS service for school transportation vehicles
9. Participation and fees paid in national parent involvement program
10. Weekly electronic newsletter featuring relevant education safety/security news
11. Stremlining your security operations and services
12. Alliance with education services/products providers at our wholesale cost
13. Notification and certificate of participation with NewDawn Security both in house and public