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From June 6th – 10th –  Sean Spellecy of NewDawn Security along with the Guardian Defense team and other speakers participated in the Ultimate School Safety Telesummit.

Each of the speakers interviewed contributed to helping our country better prepare for emergencies in our schools,  and increase relationship building within our communities.

NewDawn Security is grateful for the relationships we have made during the summit and we look forward to continuing our efforts in making our schools safe for students, teachers and staff members.

Listen to the interview below with Steve Smith President of Guardian Defense and Sean Spellecy, Founder of NewDawn Security and former School Administrator, as they discuss how to tap into all of the school safety resources.

The goal of the summit is to help our school administrators , teachers and parents identify, plan and prepare for safety concerns on school grounds before they occur!

Listen to interview below.

About NewDawn

NewDawn Security is an operational and physical security consulting firm that provides a scientific approach to not only defining standards of safety, but also objectively measuring levels security and safety. NewDawn Security also provides multiple forms of training, and a unique and effective way to monitor social media for potential school/organizational harm.


  • School and Churches
  • Hospitals and Medical Centers
  • Corporate Campus
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Night Clubs and Casinos
  • Warehouse and Data Centers
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Shopping Centers and Malls


  • 24/7 Threat Reporting Line
  • Bond Construction Analysis and Planning
  • Social Media Threat Monitoring
  • Sexual Misconduct Prevention Protocols
  • Extreme Violence Prevention Protocols