Certified Safe Site Program (Overview)

NewDawn Security’s goal is simple – reduce the burden schools face ensuring the safety of students and staff. NewDawn Security accomplishes this goal by the implementation of the services, and these three key elements

1. 26 Safe School Standards: What if we could determine whether or not a school was as safe as it could be with a universally accepted measurement tool? What if that tool found those safe school standards could be improved by training staff, measuring the effectiveness of the training, drilling, and then re-assessing? What would a school or school district look like then?

2. Learning Enviornment Protection: The primary function of schools is enhance the learning of the students that attend. If there are constant interuptions in the form of discipline incidents, security and safety drills, etc… then learning does not take place. We not only enhance your safety and security levels we protect and enhance your learning enviornment because we understand all the challenges schools face.

3. Support Resources: Each school will receive 13 additional resources that will support them and their efforts at creating an even safer learning environment:

1. 24/7 administrator help line
2. Emergency on-site assistance in the event of a crisis
3. Incident reporting and management system
4. Updates on current law enforcement concerns in your area
5. Anonymous concern reporting line
6. Private Video Channel for Professional Development
7. Emergency text notification system
8. Participation in national parent involvement/support program
9. Weekly electronic newsletter featuring relevant education news
10. Monitored GPS service for school transportation vehicles
11. Alliance with education service/product providers at our wholesale cost
12. Personal on-site services over an entire school calender year (training, advising, analyzing,monitoring)
13. Notification and certificate of participation in Certified Safe School Program both in house and public

A 1984 Presidential mandate charged the U.S. Departments of Education and Justice with developing standards for a school to be considered safe – a grouping of 15 performance criteria was created.

Based on 20 of years of experience in school safety, and executive protection, founder and CEO Sean Spellecy worked closely with law enforcement and school administrators to expand this list of performance standards from 15 to 26.

Using a systematic approach, NewDawn works closely with you to embed these 26 performance standards, thus reducing your risk and enhancing your positive reputation amongst all constituents–potentially saving you thousands of dollars in insurance premiums and day to day security expenses, and ultimately freeing you up to focus more on your primary mission of educating students.

Where NewDawn differs from normal security consulting firms is in the following:

1. We are experienced with the day to day challenges that schools face. Our personnel is made up of former teachers, current law enforcement officers, education attorney’s, assistant district attorney’s, and former school principals.

2. We don’t just visit and leave. Our standard contracts are for two years. We assess each standard, train staff, assess our training, test, and re-assess.

3. We prove our value before you pay us a dime. We provide a free risk assessment, safety inspection, and crisis response analysis to determine if we can be of value to you.

4. We are not salesmen. Our approach is refreshing–we sit down with you after we have proven our value, and determine what best fits your level of operation and budget.

5. We guarantee our service. At the end of the contract term we guarantee that you will operate at the highest level of safety and security, and have received all the benefits that accompany such a prestigious level of operation.