ESSO Certification

Excellence in Safe School Operations (ESSO) Certification

The Excellence in Safe School Operations (ESSO) Certification program enables schools to take full advantage of measurable safety standards that increase the level of safety in their schools. Certification through the ESSO program means a school has a commitment to achieving and maintaining excellence in school safety as well as enhancing their overall learning environment.

Before reaching one of the three levels of certification, each school follows an individualized plan to meet and/or exceed objects within the framework of the 26 Safe School Standards. After meeting the safety standards, NewDawn Security provides its ESSO certification, including press releases and other public relations information that can be used to show the school’s commitment to safety. ESSO certification also includes other benefits including costs saved in security operations school wide and potential deductions in insurance premiums. NewDawn Security works with a school year after year to measure and help each administration maintain the needed level of safety to continue holding certification.

The Process of Becoming Certified
The ESSO certification process is different than any other known certification process as it is individualized to fit the needs of the participant. Once the initial visit analysis is complete, school administration and a NewDawn Security Certification Specialist develop a 12-month “blueprint” that details the necessary action to meet the measurable object of each Safe School Standard. This “blueprint” reflects individual school culture and learning environment challenges so the end result is a plan that not only enhances school safety, but also enhances the overall learning environment. NewDawn Security also provides monthly support along the way to ensure and help the school reach the certification level standard goal.

During the school’s initial 2-3 day visit from NewDawn Security, the school receives:
• An initial ESSO Certification Score
• A Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability Assessment
• A 75-Point Safety Inspection
• A Crisis Response Analysis and Law Enforcement Liaison
• Detailed and individualized 12-month plan to meet the first year ESSO Certification requirements

Before and after certification, the ESSO program offers access to a variety of NewDawn Security services, including:

• Local and national press releases
• Introductory Video: For community stakeholders to better understand the school’s new commitment to school safety
• 24/7 Administrator Support
• Professional Development Courses for Staff
• Discounted rates on additional services and third party providers
Benefits of Certification
The primary benefit of ESSO certification is the knowledge that the school is offering the safest environment possible for its students. In addition to this key benefit, certification provides other tangible benefits that positively affect the school’s budget and work to support a positive image of the school in the community.
Benefits include:
• Ability to prove to stakeholders that the school is as safe as possible.
• Ability to reduce risk, potentially reducing the cost of insurance premiums.
• Positive press regarding safety initiatives in the local and national communities.
• Access to an individualized plan for meeting ESSO standards and maintaining them for the long haul.
• Access to expert safety and security advice 24/7 from NewDawn Security personnel.
• Access to professional development courses for staff that meets state requirements and raises awareness of safety issues without requiring time away from the classroom.
• Access to example policies and procedures that help to raise the level of security at a school, and save time in developing and creating.
• Access the affiliate program, which involves discounted rates on additional NewDawn security services and 3rd Party security/safety equipment.
Get Started with ESSO Today
No matter what level of safety your school currently maintains, ESSO certification can offer clear and measurable standards to prove your commitment to the community around you. The detailed plan offered through ESSO raises the awareness of all staff in an organization and in a community to the important issue of safety in schools.
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